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We invite you to browse our flower shop, our arrangements, and floral galleries. We hope you have a pleasant experience while visiting us. We enjoy showing off our selection of high quality artificial and natural bouquets very much. If you’re looking for a high quality florist in El Paso, TX with competitive & decent prices, the we are sure you have come to the right place. Allow our flower technicians to help you choose the right arrangement for your special occasion. Vicky’s Floral Creations can cater to any special event that you might be looking to dress with one of our selections. Whether it be weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, quinceaneras, graduations, mother's day, Valentines day, funerals, we’ve got you covered. We want to be your first choice flower shop in el paso for deliveries and for all of your flower arrangement needs. Celebrate your special occasion with one of Vicky’s beautiful flower bouquets. Also you may pick from our Gifts and Portraits to really make your special moment that much more special. Flowers are a beautiful way to say “I love you” or “You’re Special” and we want to be the ones that help you make a statement that will leave an impression on your special loved one. We love to share and inspire beautiful moments and love to hear our customers say how they are very happy with their particular arrangement or fresh flower bouquet.

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We sell a variety of home decor. Interior decorating has never been easier. Our fancy, elaborate designs will add to the mood you are trying to convey for your home or office and make you feel welcome. Rest your eyes on our designs and enjoy the view they portray like a fresh breeze from a summer beach. Our decorative portraits are beautiful and descriptive and come in wood frames. Also we have several multi-colored figurines and religious portraits available as well. Our selection of home décor items is very nice and complimentary to our floral arrangements. Following are our galleries of custom arrangements for everyday occasions and special events.

Gallery of Artificial Floral Arrangements

Artificial Arrangements

Our beautiful, custom made artificial arrangements are among the nicest you can buy to decorate your home or office.  Compliment your area with one of our pieces and brighten up your mood as well.  Please browse through the galleries below so you can get a first hand look at what we can offer you here in el paso in artificial arrangements. These pieces are among our best sellers and we are proud that they sell so well. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a note through our contact form and ask us about our special pricing. 


If you’re looking for a delicate, elegant artificial arrangement for your home or office let us be the ones that suggest to you the best piece. We’re also sure that as you review our portfolio you will be dazzled at the beauty of our arrangements, and at the mood they convey! We can customize any arrangement to suit your particular style and taste.  So whatever vibe you are trying to portray we can help you achieve.

Style and Grace

 Allow us to help you organize your artificial arrangement to help you add to the style of your home or office.  The choices are endless when it comes to designing you a flower arrangement suited just for your area.  There are many ways to enhance your area with one of our pieces.  We may suggest a certain type of adornment of flowers designed as an accent accessory for example. Or we can show you some of the materials we use to create our pieces and have you choose something that catches your eye.

Large Selection

Shop our large selection of artificial arrangements.  We have dozens of designs ready for you to take home today.  Let us know if you don’t see more or less what you’re looking for and we’ll be more than happy to whip something up that is original and fresh.  Nowhere else in el paso will you find these unique, classy pieces that impress with their presence alone.


Nobody beats our prices in el paso.  Where else are you going to find such gorgeous arrangements at such an affordable price? Vicky’s Floral Creations is one of the most affordable flower shops in town. 

Gallery of Natural Floral Arrangements

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Natural Flowers

Nature at its best! Welcome to our natural arrangements gallery! These are our special designs and we are proud of what we have created for you, our customer. Fresh flowers adorn each piece with a natural look and feel that is unique to each arrangement. Why go anywhere else in El Paso when we have exactly what you are looking for?

Sweet Scents!

Sweet aromas is what you’ll perceive when you come to shop at our showroom. Once there, our experienced staff with be more than happy to give you a little tour around our shop and show you what we have available for you at that particular time. Or you can even watch us work as we design you your natural floral arrangement!


Celebrate special moments with your loved one by gifting them one of our natural flower arrangements! Show them how precious they are by surprising them with a gorgeous arrangement built with the flowers they love best! All of our pieces are created with love in mind and a classy, modern and sophisticated look! Don’t hesitate to suggest to us what you’re looking for for your natural flower arrangement. We’ll whip it up in no time and you’ll walk out knowing that you made the right choice by shopping with us.


Yes we do deliver city-wide in the el paso tx area. FAST! Expect the best customer service when we deliver your gifts and we handle each order with upmost care & importance. Give our delivery service a try! Our staff knows the el paso area very well and we deliver in a timely manner. Let us know what we can do for you and we'll be at your event, home or office in no time!

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